Concept E-guide de pêche  
«E-fishing guide»,The expertise of a professional for the success of your fishing trip in autonomy.  
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"E-fishing guide" service

The "E- fishing-guide" concept proposes for a modest sum to put the expertise of an professional of its fishing territory at the service of the fishermen, tourists, or foreigners. 
The final product will be materialized by a daily fishing document and personalized according to wishes' of the customer, and according to his level of practice and its physical possibilities. 

The given councils will be adapted to the hydrological and weather conditions of the moment. 
The daily fishing document, in the shape of a file to PDF format (consultable and printable on all the types of computer) joined to a email, will comprise charts, GPS positions, images of the courses or sectors advised, with indications on the fish places. The lures, baits or artificial flies advised and adapted to the conditions of the day will be also indicated.

It will be mentioned that the customer will carry out his day of fishing under his own responsibility that of the guide having provided information and councils could not be committed in the event of accident.
The payment of the service will be carried out beforehand by the customer via protected service "PAYPAL". The customer will thus have service of a well known, protected and reliable payment. A trace of the transaction will be also editable by the guide and the customer.

The expenses of the service will be with the load of the guide, they amount to approximately 1 % of the transaction. It should be noted that it will be also possible (preliminary telephone contact) to obtain a passenger waybill by mail or directly at the guide house.